Persevering Through The Pandemic

Over the course of the coming months, The Grind Small Business Development Center LLC. will showcase our city's local businesses and entrepreneurs that have shown resilience and perseverance through the pandemic. As we have experienced, this pandemic has tested businesses in ways that has never been seen by our generation. As members of the Grind's staff, we've had the opportunity to work with many local business owners and entrepreneurs concerning their tenacity and strong will to endure through the most severe and uncontrollable circumstances.

We have been touched by the many stories of overcoming and have decided to feature the entrepreneurs and business owners of our beloved city.

Over the past year and a half, we have worked tirelessly with local entrepreneurs helping them build back stronger. Over the coming months leading up to the Grind Awards, we will tell the stories of how local businesses continue to persevere through the pandemic.

Please login into our website at and tell us your story of how you or a local business has persevered through the pandemic. Your story may be selected and featured as The Grind's "Small Business of the Week". If your story is selected, we will notify you by phone or email to set up a day and time for our media production team to visit your business to document your story of persevering the pandemic.



The best way  to grow your business is to engage  yourself in an environment of like minded individuals. Imagine going to your office a place of  positive thinking entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and individuals supporting and coaching you to become your best. This is Our Community.

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The Grind has private offices, meeting rooms, shared offices, and a large

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The Grind Small Business Development Center is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners in starting and developing their businesses. We offer a new kind of small business development that is customized based on the needs of each individual. The Grind also offers private offices to entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and individuals in need of an office space. This professional facility was created to inspire innovation, productivity, sharing of ideas, peer interaction, and a sense of community. At The Grind, we believe in you and your business; which is why we provide a number of services to help develop your business ideas. So come grow your business at The Grind, your next office location. 

We also offer ongoing education to entrepreneurs, helping them develop their businesses knowledge, as well as financial and business education.

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